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Courses for Employment and Coures for Progression are fee-free and fully funded. This means the cost of any learning materials, examinations, and certification is covered.

Most part-time courses are fee-paying. Typically 200-300 euro but sometimes a little more depending on the certification.

There are a few options.

If you are already on a qualifying DEASP payment, you can continue to receive this while on any of our courses for employment. You must complete and sign an F103 form and bring it with you on the first day of the course.

If you are attending on a course for progression, you may qualify for a SUSI Grant (via or a Back to Education Allowance (via INTREO/DEASP). Enquire directly to SUSI or INTREO for further details.

Our Courses for Employment are free. If you can attend full time, you can apply for a place. Despite not qualifying for funding or a grant, you may still get a travel payment (if you live more than 3 miles/5km away from the campus location) or an accommodation payment (if you live more than 20 miles/32km away from the campus location).

Our Coures for Progression are free. At present, the travel or accomodation payment is not part of these courses.

Kerry College has abolished all online application fees and are working to make Further Educaton & Training free for everyone in County Kerry.

The NCS (National Childcare Scheme) is now in place and provides childcare supports for those on full-time education and training programmes. Full details can be found on the webpage.

Get in touch with Kerry County Childcare Committee at (066) 718 1582 to discuss which childcare supports are available to you should you enrol on a full-time FET course.

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