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Kerry College offers a range of full-time and part-time programmes in 4 campus locations across County Kerry.

Our full-time courses are split into 2 categories - employment-focused and progression-focused.

Our part-time courses start in January and September each year and run during the week, on Saturdays and online.

Our Monavalley Campus is the home of Apprenticeship in Kerry and we deliver Phase 2 training in a range of apprenticehisp here.

Our progression-focused courses are full time programmes run from September to May each year. They provide you with the time and opportunity to explore a role or sector -before committing to a third level course of study.

You can achieve up to 390 points on our courses for progression which you can in turn use to access a range of third-level courses.

Kerry College has agreements in place with many Institutes of Technologies and Universities to allow our students to progress to study there.

You'll need to work hard though, achieving a full range of distinctions is often a requirement to progress.

Our employment-focused courses are full-time programmes focused on building knowledge, skill and ability and essential qualifications to enter the jobs market.

Most have integrated work practice and/or industry placement. Many include unique, professional micro-certifications which further increase your employablility.

Our courses for employment are a great choice for those wishing to career change, reskill, upskill or start your career.

Applications for all full-time and part-time programmes may be made online.

Make sure you meet the minimum entry criteria for the courses you're applying for. 

Any queries, get in touch.

FETCH COURSES is the national application system for all FET courses.

All new applicants must set up a free account on Use this to apply for all further education and training progarmmes anywhere in Ireland.

For existing FETCH COURSES account holders, login and apply as before. 

You can reset your password using your username (this will either be your email address or mobile phone number). When you do, make sure you keep it for future reference.

Bear in mind, FETCH uses your PPS number to identify you - so although you might be able to set up a second account - it won't work properly.

If you're still stuck, contact our Admissions team on 066-714 96 96

Entry criteria varies depending on the course.

For employment-focused courses, you must be aged 16 or older. You need a minimum of three years of post-primary education or a Junior Certificate. Some employment-focused courses require a Leaving Certificate or that you are aged 18 or 21 years old on application. Check each course page for further details.

For most courses for further study and university progression, applicants must have a Leaving Certificate, LCVP, LCA, QQI Level 4 Major Award or equivalent or have reached the age of 18.

Mature students (over 23) may also apply.

If you do not meet the specific entry criteria, you may be called for an information interview to assess your suitability to do this course. 

Check you meet the entry criteria and apply online. 

Places are offered by date of application - subject to admissions interview or portfolio submission for certain courses.

Check you meet the minimum entry criteria and apply online. 

Most courses for employment are recruited by admissions interview. The purpose of the interview is to pre-screen for work practice and industry placement and to assess which applicants will gain the most from joining one of our programmes.

We use the admissions interview to ensure minimum entry requirements are met and to pre-screen applicants for work practice and/or industry placement. We also assess which applicants will gain the most from spending some time at Kerry College. 

We also do admissions interviews where applicants don't meet the minimum entry criteria but feel they have enough experience to do successfully complete the course.

In preparation for the interview, consider why you’ve applied for the course, know the modules and the overall award, what you need to learn, and how you plan to use your new skills. You'll need to bring a copy of your CV and any relevant certificates. 

In cases where there is a high demand for a course, you need to do well at the interview to make it onto the class-list.

Yes, you do. A lot can change in a year and we always like to catch up with you and see how we can help.

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a ten-level system (1–10) giving an academic or vocational value to qualifications obtained in Ireland.

Kerry College offers programmes at Levels 5 and 6 but also a range of industry-recognised professional certifications.

In adddion, we also offer a number of pathway courses at Level 4.

A Minor award is commonly referred to as a module - but also as a component certificate or a certificate of unit credit.

These single 'modules' may be completed and certificated individually. All minor awards are linked to a major award which allows learners to collect and build their minor awards and work towards gaining a major award. 

A Major award is a significant achievement and usually comprises of 8 minor awards or modules.

Gaining a major award allows progression to a range of third level programmes or qualifies you for an entry level job where you can build on your qualification with experience.

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