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You won't find these courses anywhere else in Ireland!

Discover our 6 UNIQUE TO KERRY COLLEGE courses that will shape your future and set you apart in your chosen industry.

Emergency Care Studies (EMT)

This course will assist those who plan on working in either the ambulance or fire service.

Become a lifeline in critical situations. Kerry College now offers an EMT Training course to run parallel to the Pre-Emergency Care program. Make a difference and save lives when every second counts.

*NEW FOR 2023* Content Development for Film and TV

Write & develop film and television content.

Be coached and mentored by industry professionals. Get your projects industry ready. Limited places.

Civils for Fibre Installation

Lay the groundwork for the future of connectivity.

Learn the ins and outs of civil engineering for fiber optic installation. Play a pivotal role in expanding high-speed internet access in our digital world.

Overhead Lines Operative

Reach new heights in the power industry.

Master the skills required to maintain and operate overhead power lines. Ensure the reliable transmission of electricity and provide power to communities with your expertise.

Fiber Installation Technician

Shape the world of telecommunications.

Acquire hands-on training in fiber optic installation and maintenance. Join the workforce that fuels seamless connectivity and empowers communication networks.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Dive into an extraordinary career.

Become a certified scuba diving instructor and explore the wonders of the underwater world. Share your passion for all things marine and guide others on unforgettable aquatic adventures.
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