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August 25, 2023

2 mins read

Kerry College Learners Nominated for IMRO Awards!

Kerry College is thrilled to announce that the remarkable efforts of its Digital Journalism, Podcasting, and Radio learners have been recognised with a prestigious nomination in the upcoming IMRO Radio Awards. The learners’ exceptional work on the “Dear Kerry” series has earned them a spot on the shortlist in the highly competitive Short Feature category. This recognition is a testament to their dedication, creativity, and skill in producing engaging and thought-provoking content.

Securing a nomination in the IMRO Radio Awards is a massive achievement that even seasoned radio professionals aspire to, making this accomplishment even more outstanding for this group of learners. Their work was evaluated alongside submissions from established presenters from local and national stations, including RTE, UTV, and BBC. The nomination not only acknowledges the learners’ talent but also highlights the incredible training and mentorship they receive at Kerry College.

Radio Kerry, Kerry College’s collaborating partner in providing the Digital Journalism, Podcasting, and Radio course, has secured three out of the five shortlisted entries for the Short Feature category. This remarkable achievement not only reflects the dedication of the learners but also the high standards set by Kerry College and Radio Kerry in nurturing future broadcasting talent. In total, Radio Kerry has received 11 nominations across various categories, reaffirming its commitment to delivering exceptional radio content.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Past learners of Kerry College have also made their mark in this year’s IMRO Radio Awards nominations. David Nelligan, a graduate of last year’s class, has been nominated in two categories – Newcomer and Short Feature – a notable acknowledgment of his continued growth and contribution to the radio industry. Other alumni, such as Ian O Connell in the Specialist Speech program category, Kaya Flynn in the Digital and Social Innovation category for coverage of last year’s All Ireland, and Niamh Daly for her involvement in the “Heritage Hunters” series in the Short Feature category, have also been recognised for their outstanding work.

The IMRO Radio Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in Kilkenny in October. This recognition of Kerry College learners not only celebrates their achievements but also underlines the College’s dedication to nurturing a new generation of radio and media professionals. Kerry College continues to prove itself as a hub of excellence, producing individuals who are shaping the future of the radio industry.

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