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Accounting Technician

Apprenticeship for those who wish to work in the financial industry.

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This is a two year Level 6 Apprenticeship completed while in full-time employment. The Accounting Technician apprentice will spend four days a week in the workplace and attend college one day per week.
Outside of college term an apprentice will attend work five days a week. Additional home study is essential.

What does an Accounting Technician do?

  • An Accounting Technician supports all elements of accounts functions.
  • Income and expenditure, balance sheet transactions, statutory returns and Payroll requirements.
  • The Accounting Technician is concerned with book keeping, and processes all accounts payable and receivable in order to prepare, or support the preparation of, periodic accounts.
  • They record and monitor income and expenditure including accrued and deferred income.
  • The Accounting Technician completes regular bank reconciliations and accounts for/completes statutory returns.
  • Regular analysis and reports are undertaken to contribute to producing accounts.
  • The Accounting Technician produces Management Accounts and supplies vital financial information as to the running of the Company.
  • They have the ability to do costing and cost controls.
  • The Accounting Technician prepares Company annual budgets and monitors the progress of this throughout the year.
  • They prepare, or assist in the preparation of, Company year-end financial statements.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants must be at least 18 years before the 31st October 2019.

For Leaving Certifi cate students 2017 2018 and 2019, this is 310 CAO points and at least an O5 grade in English and Maths or Accountancy. For those who sat the Leaving Cert before 2017 this is 300 CAO points and a D3 in Ordinary Level – English and Maths or Accountancy.

Are also eligible if the qualification is in a different discipline and is a NFQ Level 5 or above. Alternatively the CAO points and subjects requirements noted above will apply. Evidence of
this will be required.

In keeping with the current education policy in the Republic of Ireland, mature students are considered at least 23 years of age on January 1st of the year on the programme start date. Mature applicants are also eligible to apply.

Are also eligible to apply for the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship.

How does the training work?

This is a two-year, full-time work-based learning programme.

You should be able to commit to completing the programme syllabus while working in full-time employment over the two years.

What's the certification?

Level 6 Advanced Certificate - Accounting Technician.

Still have questions?

Contact our Apprenticeship Services Team at Kerry College

(Monavalley Campus) on 066 714 9600

Frequently Asked Questions

No. An Apprenticeship is not a course. It is a contract of employment between SOLAS, the employer and the apprentice - with on-the-job and off-the-job training delivered in phases.

The first step is to secure a job with an approved apprentice employer.

Full details are available on:

Many people think this, but it actually isn't.

Taking on an apprenticeship can be challenging. Bear in mind that you are a paid employee,training to be a professional craftsperson and this requires maturity, dedication and commitment.

You'll be balancing work and study which is never easy. Examinations can be intense and you will be required to both study and learn key technical, operational and safety information.

Start by doing some research. Find out what's involved in an apprenticeship and then focus in on apprenticeship you're thinking about.

Speak to people. Ask employers, qualified tradespersons and apprentices to help you find out more.

Get the advice of your parents/guardians, career guidance or adult guidance counsellor.

Make an appointment to see one of the Apprenticeship services team at Kerry College's Monavalley Campus. While they won't find an employer for you, they will give you some advice and insights.

Absolutely. It's an imporant part of figuring out if this career or sector is right for you - but also it shows a potential employer that you are genuinely interested.

These are a great idea if you are just coming out of school or aren't sure if a particular career sector is for you. Kerry College run a number of Pre-Apprenticeship course. You'll find them in the Full-time Programmes section.

In order to secure an apprenticeship, you must first secure a contract with an employer. You must apply directly to an employer rather than Kerry College.

Once you have found an employer to take you on as an apprentice, your employer must then register you as an apprentice with SOLAS.

The employer must be approved to train apprentices.

The employer must register you as an apprentice within two weeks of recruitment.

All Apprenticeships are Earn & Learn. This means you get paid while you are in training.

For traditional, Craft Apprenticeships, the employer pays the apprentice while s/he is being trained on-the-job. This is known as the Apprentice Rate or Salary.

The Apprentice rates of pay are based on a percentage of the fully qualified rate for the occupation:

1st Year – 33.3%

2nd Year – 50%

3rd Year – 75%

4th Year – 90%

A training allowance is paid by Kerry College while the apprentice is attending the off-the-job training at our Monavalley Campus.

For all New Apprenticeships, which have been developed since 2016, the employer pays an agreed Apprentice Rate or Salary for both on-the-job and off-the-job phases of the apprenticeship.

Further details are available on:

The Annual Student Contribution is charged to students attending Higher Education Institutions including Institutes of Technology (IoT).

Apprentices now pay the same contribution as full time students, but their contribution is based on the time they spend in the Institute or College.

The Student Contribution is payable to the IoT /College on the date of registration for the training phase. You should consult the relevant IoT/College for details of payment options.

We always post APPRENTICE WANTED notices on our Kerry College (Monavalley Campus) Facebook page. Like and Follow the page. Under the 'Following' button select 'See First' and switch Notifications on.

SOLAS have a new Apprenticeship Finder which is here:

IRISH JOBS have a good section on their site too:

We have no control over this as recruitment for all Apprenticeship phases is decided centrally by SOLAS. 

Apprentices are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout their apprenticeship.

Modular assessments take place during the off-the-job training phases. These assessments incorporate course work, standardised practical assessments and theoretical assessments.

During the on-the-job training phases, the apprentice’s competence is assessed by the employer.

An apprenticeship automatically ends if the apprentice fails, after three attempts, to reach the required specified standard, in any of the off-the-job modular assessments.

However, SOLAS provides a way for both the apprentices and employers to appeal this.

In cases where appeals are successful the apprentice is afforded the opportunity of a fourth and final attempt.

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