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Campus Team

Stephen Goulding

Stephen was appointed Principal of the Listowel Campus in 2015.

Under his leadership, the Listowel Campus has developed, been innovative and offers a progressive range of courses for both employment & progression.

The development of an Open Learning Support Centre has increased significantly both retention and certification rates. Stephens SEN (Special Educational Needs) background as a learning support teacher has driven and promoted this. As a Principal of a joint campus, Stephen has introduced new subject areas to the Second level Curriculum such as Computer Science.

Stephen was Deputy Principal at Kerry College’s Listowel Campus (2011-2015) and prior to this held the position of Director of Adult Education at Desmond College, Newcastle West (2005-2011). He served on the Board of Leargas (2012-2019) as Chairperson of the Finance and Audit committee and was a member of the QQI Appeals Panel (2013-2018). Since 2016, Stephen is President of the Principals & Deputy Principals Association (TUI).

(068) 21023

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