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Start Your Own Business

This course will provide the learner with the basic personal, legal and marketing requirements to start your own business.

Minor Award

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Course Overview

The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to independently explore and start a private business

Whaty will I study ?

  • Explore the legal requirements and regulations pertaining to starting a variety of business structures
  • Analyse the personal, functional and business factors that contribute to business success
  • Research the relevant sources of business start-up information and support available to entrepreneurs
  • Examine the market for new product or service niches
  • Assess the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business
  • Explain the role and function of a realistic and coherent business plan
  • Examine the importance of complete and correct business documentation to include budgets, cashflow and financial statements
  • Apply for the legal, financial and government agency and other support required by the business
  • Conduct opportunity, feasibility and market research studies
  • Design a product or service to be provided by the business
  • Analyse revenue, costs, quality and customer service elements of the new business
  • Analyse the internal and external business environment pertaining to a new business start up
  • Create appropriate funding, marketing, finance, technology and staffing strategies for the business
  • Construct a business plan
  • Organise independent or third party review of the business plan
  • Analyse the business and business plan post the external review, recognising strengths and making improvements

What is the certification ?

  • Start Your Own Business (5N1418)

Why should I do this course ?

  • Necessary if starting a business

What are the entry requirements ?

  • Statutory School Leaving Age (16+).
  • Competent written and spoken English.
  • Interest in Starting your Own Business.

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