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April 5, 2024

2 mins read

Celebrating Excellence: Kerry College Learners Nominated for SMEDIA Awards

Our Digital Journalism, Podcasting & Radio Learners have been nominated for a SMEDIA Award in the ‘Radio Documentary of the Year’ and ‘Radio Production of the Year – Arts & Features’ categories.  The 2024 National Student Media Awards Ceremony is due to take place on April 10th and will undoubtedly showcase the exceptional contributions of learners across various media disciplines, including journalism, photography, film, television, radio, and more! 

The Digital Journalism, Podcasting & Radio course, offered in collaboration with Radio Kerry, is designed to provide learners with both practical experiences and essential skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic industry. Through this partnership, learners gain invaluable insights into the world of digital journalism, podcasting, and radio broadcasting. 

‘Strokes of Resilience,‘ nominated for ‘Radio Documentary of the Year’, shines a spotlight on the inspiring journeys of stroke survivors, Siobhan Brosnan, a current learner on the course, and Bill Gasiamis. The documentary, crafted with dedication and empathy, encapsulates their triumphs and challenges, offering listeners a profound insight into the resilience of the human spirit. Listen to their journey here 

Congratulations to all those involved in the production of this excellent radio documentary, ‘Strokes of Resilience’: 

  • Siobhan Brosnan: Contributor & Executive Producer & Co-Scriptwriter  
  • Eimear Nagle: Sub-Editor & Producer 
  • Cian Doherty: Narrator & Editor  
  • Yuliia Riabova: Sub-editor & Transcriber  
  • Zahid Khan Ahmadzai: Researcher & Logging 
  • Danielle G Smyth: Scriptwriter & Transcriber 
  • Interviewers: ALL TEAM MEMBERS


Picture: Kerry College Learners on the Digital Journalism, Podcasting & Radio, Producers of ‘Strokes of Resilience’.  

But the excellence doesn’t end there. ‘’Beyond the Silence’’, another thought-provoking radio documentary produced by Kerry College learners, invites listeners to embark on a profound exploration of death and its cultural significance. It challenges prevailing perceptions of death, advocating for open conversations and embracing death as an intrinsic part of life’s journey. 

Delving into the rich tapestry of the Irish Wake tradition, the documentary illuminates the cultural rituals surrounding death and their significance in facilitating the grieving process for both individuals and communities.  The radio documentary has been nominated for ‘‘Radio Production of the Year – Arts & Features’. Listen here. 

This remarkable documentary is the result of the collaborative efforts of talented individuals: 

  • Kieran McAuliffe: Administration / Sound / Logger / Editor
  • Shauna O’ Connor: Narrator / Logger
  • Colin O’ Malley: Vox Pop Legend / Multitrack Editor
  • Susan Shannon: Researcher / Securer and Interviewer of Contributors
  • Mikey Whelan: Vox Pop King / Logger 

The dedication and expertise of all our learners has brought these compelling stories to life, capturing the essence of human experiences and fostering meaningful conversations within our communities. 

Let’s celebrate these remarkable learners as they continue to inspire and captivate audiences with their exceptional talents. Congratulations to all involved in these remarkable productions! We wish you the very best of luck at the SMEDIAs 2024!  

Kerry College.  

Building Futures.  




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